Provokation über Kreuz – Positionen zur Blasphemiedebatte

Claus Leggewie and Marcel Siepmann (eds.)

Global Dialogues 1, Duisburg 2013


It has been some time since a talk on religion made quite as many waves as has Martin Mosebach’s lecture ‘Wagnis Blasphemie’ (‘Daring Blasphemy’), delivered at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen as part of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research workshop ‘Free Speech in a Multicultural World’. Having provoked immediate criticism (but also some positive feedback) at the workshop itself, the talk, published soon afterwards in a number of national dailies, triggered an intense debate across most of Germany’s quality press—a debate documented in this issue of Global Dialogues.


Vom Wert des Verbietens – Martin Mosebach
Triumph des Vulgärrationalismus – Navid Kermani
Beleidigung Gottes oder der Gläubigen? – Robert Spaemann
Bürgertugenden lassen sich nicht erzwingen –  Friedrich Wilhelm Graf
Lust auf Zensur – Ijoma Mangold
Staat hat nicht über Religion zu befinden – Claus Leggewie
We Respect the Believer – Brun-Otto Bryde
Faksimile einer Rede – Martin Mosebach

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