Relational Sensibility and the 'Turn to the Local': Prospects for the Future of Peacebuilding

Wren Chadwick, Tobias Debiel, Frank Gadinger (eds.)

With contributions by Volker Boege, Morgan Brigg, David Chandler, Kai Koddenbrock, and Louise Wiuff Moe

Global Dialogues 2, Duisburg 2013

Keywords: peacebuilding; liberal peace; agency; hybridity; non-linearity; new materialism; conflict resolution; indigenous peace-making.


This edition of Global Dialogues presents a collection of short articles that critically reflect on the 'turn to the local' that has come to increasingly characterise peacebuilding discourse and practice. The articles draw on and extend discussions on the ontological and epistemological entailments and consequences of this shift that took place during a workshop convened by the Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research in May 2013. Through an examination of the promise and pitfalls of approaches that attempt to engage in increased 'relational sensibility', it is hoped that these contributions will advance the debate on how to reflectively and critically reshape modes of engagement and interaction in peacebuilding.


Wren Chadwick/Tobias Debiel/Frank Gadinger
Editorial: The (Liberal) Emperor’s New Clothes? Relational Sensibility and the Future of Peacebuilding

Morgan Brigg
Relational Sensibility in Peacebuilding: Emancipation, Tyranny, or Transformation?

David Chandler
Relational Sensibilities: The End of the Road for ‘Liberal Peace’

Kai Koddenbrock
Strategic Essentialism and the Possibilities of Critique in Peacebuilding

Volker Boege
Peacebuilding on Bougainville: International Intervention Meets Local Resilience

Louise Wiuff Moe
Relationality and Pragmatism in Peacebuilding: Reflections on Somaliland

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