Tafeln, teilen, trennen – Nahrung und Essen als Gaben

Claus Leggewie (ed.)

Global Dialogues 9, Duisburg 2015

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0403-GD-9


An invitation to a meal is a widespread form of gift with which not only you give, but invest something and oblige the recipient to return the favor. At the same time, a joint meal provides something else, a sense of community, as if one partook of others with the food consumed. Social cooperation like this has been described by the sociologist Marcel Mauss in his essay on "The Gift". For him they were the core of a sociality beyond individual utility maximization. The material exchange is a medium of symbolic production and consolidation of social relations. Today, the exchange of gifts has often been reduced to the economic exchange of goods. This Global Dialogue documents the symposium of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research and the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) that has sought to examine the potential of the gift today, especially in light of global cooperation in world society. For this purpose, it has been dedicated to several aspects of the gift of food from different perspectives.

With contributions by Harald Lemke, Sebastian Schellhaas / Mario Schmidt, Stephan Lorenz, and Christine Unrau

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