The Tunisian Constitutional Process: Main Actors and Key Issues

Mathieu Rousselin and Christopher Smith (eds.)

With contributions by Hamadi Redissi, Abderrahmen Yaalaoui, Elyes Bousbih, Markus Böckenförde, Mathieu Rousselin, Laura-Theresa Krüger and Edmund Ratka

Global Dialogues 7, Duisburg 2015

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0403-GD-7


This edition of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research’s Global Dialogues consists of five articles that reflect on the domestic, international, legal, and economic implications of religion and politics in the context of post-revolutionary Tunisia. This multi-disciplinary piece provides both casual onlookers and experts alike with an essential, comprehensive understanding of this event. This contribution is the result of a Global Dialogues event and an accompanying workshop which took place in Duisburg in May 2014. The articles draw inspiration from and add to the issues discussed at both of these events.
(from the introduction by Mathieu Rousselin, and Christopher Smith)

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