Democracy and Climate Change

Frederic Hanusch

Routledge Global Cooperation Series
288 pages I 2017 - Routledge Hardback: ISBN 978-0-415-37116-2

Climate change is a global challenge that does not only require a global but also a determined and long-term political approach. The book Democracy and Climate Change explores how democratic principles can influence different governments in their responses to climate change. Based on a a general concept of democratic efficacy, the book provides an empirical analysis of the impact of democratic quality on climate change strategies in about 40 countries. The specific case study of Canada’s Kyoto Protocol process is then used to explain the mechanisms of democratic influence in depth. The author demonstrates with his analysis that stronger democratic qualities and the interplay of dimensions such as transparency, independence or creativity are indispensable to tackle climate change.
The publication offers a broad spectrum of research with new exciting avenues of enquiry and is aimed in particular at researchers with an interest in comparative politics, democracy studies and environmental policies.

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