Integrating Sustainable Development in International Investment Law

Manjiao Chi

Routledge Global Cooperation Series
210 pages I 2017 - Routledge Hardback: ISBN 978-1-138-18788-7

This book presents an important systematic study of the issue of sustainable development in the international investment law system that are insufficiently compatible. The author Manjiao Chi, who is an alumni fellow of the Centre, uses conceptual, normative and governance perspectives to explore the challenges and possible solutions for making international investment law more compatible with sustainable development.
Chi suggests that to effectively address the sustainable development concerns associated with transnational investment activities, the international investment agreements system should be reformed. Such reform should feature redesigning the provisions of the agreements, improving the structure of international investment agreements, strengthening the function of soft law, engaging non-state actors and enhancing the dispute settlement mechanism.
The book is primarily aimed at national and international treaty and policy-makers, lawyers and scholars. It is also suitable for graduate students studying international law and policymaking.

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