Mapping and Politics in the Digital Age

Pol Bargués-Pedreny, David Chandler, Elena Simon (eds.)

Routledge Global Cooperation Series
230 pages I 2018 - Routledge Hardback: ISBN 978-0-8153-5740-7

Throughout history, maps have been a powerful tool in the constitutive imaginary of governments seeking to define or contest the limits of their political reach. Today, new digital technologies have become central to mapping as a way of formulating alternative political visions. Mapping can also help marginalised communities to construct speculative designs using participatory practices. Mapping and Politics in the Digital Age explores how the development of new digital technologies and mapping practices are transforming global politics, power, and cooperation.

The book brings together authors from across political and social theory, geography, media studies and anthropology to explore mapping and politics across the sections contestations, governance analyses and imaginaries. These sections cover contemporary developments within mapping, analyse mapping through the lens of institutional practices, providing key methodological frames for understanding global governance of issues such as urban politics, refugee control or health crises and provide future-oriented analytical frameworks, highlighting the transformation of mapping in an age of digital technologies of control and regulation.

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