Moral Agency and the Politics of Responsibility

Edited by Cornelia Ulbert, Peter Finkenbusch, Elena Sondermann and Tobias Debiel

Routledge Global Cooperation Series
210 pages I 2018 - Routledge Hardback: ISBN 978-1-138-70743-6

Moral Agency and the Politics of Responsibility investigates how actors in our globally connected world negotiate, delegate and distribute responsibility. This book asks how moral duties can be defined beyond the territorial and legal confines of the nation-state and how the moral agency of individual and collective actors can be enhanced. It analyzes how obligations and accountability mechanisms can be established for a post-national world, in which responsibility remains vague, ambiguous and contested. Using both empirical and theoretical perspectives, the book explores the politics of responsibility that plays out as responsibility relationships emerge, develop and change. This book is perfect for scholars of international relations, politics, philosophy and political economy with an interest in the increasingly popular topics of moral agency and responsibility.

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