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Publications by authors affiliated to the Centre, which include current and former fellows, directors of the Centre, research group members, and associates. Publications can be considered as a result or offspring at least partly from research done at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research in Duisburg.

Emerging Transnational Practices and Capabilities of Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Journal articles

Zeynep Sahin Mencütek

Published online by Migration Letters, January 2020

Keywords: Transnationalism; refugee diaspora; Syrian refugees; Turkey; transnational capabilities

DOI: 10.33182/ml.v17i1.852


Populist stories of honest men and proud mothers: A visual narrative analysis

Journal articles

Katja Freistein, Frank Gadinger

Published online by Cambridge University Press, December 2019

Keywords: Political Storytelling; Images; Visual Narrative Analysis; Gender; Populism

DOI: 10.1017/S0260210519000421