Projects Archive

Projects Archive

Pathways   Dr Christine Unrau

Beyond Pity and Fear. Sentimental Intervention and the Politics of Migration

Polycentric   Prof. Dr Andreas Thiel

The Conceptualization and Evaluation of Polycentricity of Social-ecological Systems

Polycentric   Dr Micheline van Riemsdijk

Involvement of Public-, Private-, and Civil Society Actors in the Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration

Polycentric   Dr Adam Sandor

Governing the Borderlands: Transnational Security Interventions and their Impacts in Africa

Pathways   Dr Bettina Mahlert

Community and world society: Theorizing solidarity

Polycentric   Dr Tamirace Fakhoury

Comparative perspectives on Refugee politics (Beirut/Berlin)

Pathways   Dr Katja Freistein

The Institutionalization Effect of Global Indicators

Pathways   Dr Katja Freistein Dr. Alejandro Esguerra Dr Stefan Groth

Micro-Practices in International Institutions

Polycentric   Dr Philip Liste

The Dark Sides of Transnational Cooperation: Tax Avoidance and the Juridification of Global Hierarchies

Polycentric   Dr Philip Liste

New Geographies of Governance: Transnational Law and Political Space in the Making

Pathways   Dr Bettina Mahlert

Key concepts and policy analysis in international development politics (habilitation thesis)

Polycentric   Prof. Dr Maria Koinova

Governing Transit Migration: A Relational Approach to Polycentric Governance

Pathways   Prof. Dr Marianne Marchand

The Role of Cities in Managing Migration: Some Experiences from the Global South

Polycentric   Dr Blayne Haggart Dr Natasha Tusikov

Mapping the Knowledge Structure: The Global Political Economy of Knowledge in the Digital Age

Pathways   Dr Ying Shen

A Critical Analysis of Cooperative Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Polycentric   Dr Tamirace Fakhoury

The Governance of Refugee Returns: `Voluntary` and `Encouraged` Returns from Turkey to Syria

Polycentric   Dr Joseph Anderson

Theorizing the Entanglements of Public and Private Authority within Migration