07/09/2022   Further Events

Call for Papers - Third Annual International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies

05/09/2022   Fellows

The Centre Welcomes New Fellows

31/08/2022   Fellows

The Centre Bids Farewell to Outstanding Visiting Scientists

24/08/2022   Workshops

Workshop Highlights Agency in South-South Refugee Flows

23/08/2022   Publications

Letting the Field Speak: Amya Agarwal on 'Contesting Masculinities' in Kashmir

10/08/2022   Publications

Legitimacy in Global Governance: Centre Researchers Contribute to Leading Book Series

03/08/2022   Publications

Perspectives on the War in Ukraine: Latest Edition of the Quarterly Magazine

26/07/2022   Current Fellows

Internet War in Africa: New Article from Centre Fellow Emeka Umejei

12/07/2022   Centre

EGOS Honorary Membership for the Centre's Director Sigrid Quack

07/07/2022   Current Fellows

Splitting the Global Internet: Russia's Push Toward Internet Sovereignty

06/07/2022   Centre

DIE becomes IDOS

28/06/2022   Publications

International Practice Approach: New Book to Shape the Contours of the Debate

28/06/2022   Publications

Orientational Knowledge and Recommendations for Action in Difficult Times: The Peace Report 2022

27/06/2022   Further Events

Historicizing the Refugee Experience, 17th–21st Centuries

22/06/2022   Käte Hamburger Lecture

Using Gender to Understand Extremism: Lecture with Elizabeth Pearson Online

14/06/2022   Current Fellows

Centre Welcomes Humboldt Fellow Professor Monika Baár

02/06/2022   Current Fellows

Centre Welcomes Dr Soetkin Verhaegen as Senior Research Fellow

18/05/2022   Events

The Environment of Human Capital: 6th Global Migration Lecture Provided Fresh Perspective

12/05/2022   Events

Event Reports: Visual Methods in Global Cooperation Research / Visuality and the Populist Appeal

10/05/2022   Research

Re-Imagining the Past: Interviews Now on Youtube

28/04/2022   Alumni Fellow

Tax Robbery Incorporated: The Transnational Legal Infrastructures of Tax Arbitrage

21/04/2022   Current Fellows

Pranks and Propaganda: The Origins of Russia’s ‘Fake News’ Laws

13/04/2022   Research

Can Sanctions Nudge Cooperation? Research for New Study Began at the Centre

12/04/2022   Current Fellows

A Relational Approach to Digital Sovereignty: New Article from Stanislav Budnitsky

12/04/2022   Further Events

Russlands Krieg gegen die Ukraine: Perspektiven der NRW-Friedensforschung

07/04/2022   Events

War in Ukraine Dialogue now on Youtube

01/04/2022   Opinion

ISA 2022: Contributions from the Centre

24/03/2022   Opinion

Debiel and Wulf on Escalation und De-escalation in the Ukraine War

16/03/2022   Käte Hamburger Dialogue

War in Ukraine

16/03/2022   Further Events

Global Migration Lecture: Now on Youtube

16/03/2022   Events

Dialogue on Afghanistan: Now on Youtube

09/03/2022   Publications

New Perspectives in International Law: W.G. Werners 'Repetition' Published

08/03/2022   Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships 2022–2023: Open Call for Applications

03/03/2022   Opinion

Tobias Debiel On De-Escalation In Ukraine and Beyond

23/02/2022   Opinion

COVID-19 and Migration: A New Episode of Cooperadio, The Global Cooperation Podcast

16/02/2022   Current Fellows

Centre Welcomes Three New Fellows

16/02/2022   Research

EISA PEC Section Chairs Mert & Horn Invite Contributions – Future as Method Beyond Dys/Utopia

15/02/2022   Publications

Architectures on the Move: Maria Koinova on the Polycentric Governance of Transit Migration

09/02/2022   Research

Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt and the (De-)legitimation Survey

08/02/2022   Research

Gadinger & Bode Chair 'International Practices' Section at Upcoming EISA PEC 2022, Invite Contributions

20/01/2022   Publications

Democratising Sustainability Transformations? Review and Conceptual Framework

23/12/2021   Current Fellows

They Constructed an Idea of the State by Data: A Talk with Borbala Zsuzsanna Török

04/11/2021   Centre

Call for Applications: Join Our Publications Management Team

04/11/2021   Centre

Call for Applications: Join Our Publications Management Team

11/12/2020   Conferences

Call for Abstracts - 3rd Annual Conference

03/04/2020   Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships 2022–2023: Open Call for Applications