13/12/2018   Events

'Removing content is already too late'- Käte Hamburger Dialogue Places Online Defamation in a Broader Context

04/12/2018   Centre

Uncanny Global: Online Defamation is on the Rise Almost Everywhere

06/11/2018   Centre

The Global and its Discontents: Will the Global Compact for Migration follow the Path of the Paris Climate Convention?

06/09/2018   Centre

Between Fragmentation and Cooperation: Centre's Research at the ECPR Conference

04/09/2018   Centre

A Farewell with Congratulations and Gratitude: Markus Böckenförde joins CEU Legal Department in Budapest

13/08/2018   Other Publications

Trajectories of the Earth System Require Holistic Perspective on Threats and Cures

13/08/2018   Centre

Parallel Trajectories: Business Regulatory Platforms Move Away from Unified Global Rules

30/05/2018   Centre

‘Experience and Commitment’ - Christine Unrau has examined the production of ideas in the Global Justice Movement

14/05/2018   Centre

Centre's Co-Director Dirk Messner to head United Nations University's UNU-EHS

02/05/2018   Centre

Multi-Level Diplomacy in a Polycentric Constellation

12/04/2018   Centre

International Practice Theory: 2nd Edition Proves Growing Resonance in a Promising Research 'Trading Zone'

20/02/2018   Centre

Globalization as a Humanitarian Challenge 6: »The Human Right to Housing, Rarely Mentioned, Often Violated«

16/01/2018   Centre

A Second Phase of Funding for the Centre: Junior Professorship Will Boost Basic Research on Migration

02/01/2018   Centre

Convergence Beyond Great Fanfare: Cursory Thoughts at the Turn of the Year