23/12/2021   Current Fellows

They Constructed an Idea of the State by Data: A Talk with Borbala Zsuzsanna Török

15/12/2021   Research

Centre's Research Presented at IGF Katowice

08/12/2021   Opinion

The Transformation Project: A Coalition Agreement of the New German Federal Government

07/12/2021   Current Fellows

Chinese Media in Africa: Fieldwork by Centre Fellow Emeka Umejei

02/12/2021   Current Fellows

Dr Adriana Suárez Delucchi Joins the Centre as Postdoc Research Fellow

25/11/2021   Research

Upcoming Events: Nina Schneider to Deliver Talks in December

24/11/2021   Publications

Between Anxiety and Hope: The Hidden Side of Global Intellectual Property Regulation

22/11/2021   Publications

Glasgow Climate Pact: Centre's Quarterly Magazine Reflects On This Moment In Time

19/11/2021   Events

News from the Midterm Conference Day Two - Narratives of Global Cooperation and Anti-globalist Conceptions

18/11/2021   Events

News from the Midterm Conference Day One - Polycentrism, Fantasies of World-Building

09/11/2021   Fellows

'Imaging Cannot Be Separated From Imagining'. A Note on David Shim's Research

08/11/2021   Fellows

TEDxKanzlerPark Conference 2021 with Nathalia Sautchuk Patricío

03/11/2021   Further Events

Call for Papers Extended to 21 Nov. 2021 - Second Annual International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies

26/10/2021   Current Fellows

KHK / GCR21 Welcomes Senior Research Fellow Prof. Dr Anna Geis

26/10/2021   Publications

’It’s Ordered Chaos’ – Forum on Polycentric Governing published in International Studies Review

20/10/2021   Publications

Special Issue Observes Telling Nexus Between Geological and Social Engineering

13/10/2021   Events

Half-time: Centre's Midterm Conference to Feature Collaborative Research

12/10/2021   Events

Afghanistan: Partial Success or Predictable Failure?

06/10/2021   Events

Heinrich Barth and Respectful Encounters with the Other

28/09/2021   Publications

Elite-Citizen Gap in the Perception of International Organizations

23/09/2021   Fellows

Call for Applications - Postdoctoral Research Fellow (m/f/d)

15/09/2021   Further Events

Call for Papers - Second Annual International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies

14/09/2021   Current Fellows

New Texts from Centre Fellow Karolina Kluczewska

02/09/2021   Current Fellows

Vaccination Certificates and Algorithmic Vulnerability

20/08/2021   Current Fellows

The Centre Welcomes New Fellows in September

12/08/2021   Research

Legitimacy of Global Institutions? J.A. Scholte and the LegGov Elite Survey

11/08/2021   Publications

Opportunity Structure: New Research Paper Analyses the Role of Social Media in Climate Change Discourse

04/08/2021   Current Fellows

Leaving a Footprint: Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn

03/08/2021   Current Fellows

New Fellow: Dr Stanislav Budnitsky Joins the Centre

29/07/2021   Other Publications

Truth-Subversion and the Liberal International Order: New Article from Dr Alena Drieschova

28/07/2021   Quarterly Magazine

Quarterly Magazine: Borders and Political Space, Emotions, Diplomacy, Tajikistan, EU, China, Fantasy Studies ...

27/07/2021   Opinion

Jasmin Schmitz: Global Vaccine Allocation or Why the Pandemic Is Not All Over Yet

22/07/2021   Centre

Cooperadio Episode 7: Covid & Climate, Negotiations and Agency in Pandemic Times, With Felix Dodds

15/07/2021   Research

Demography is not Destiny: 'Global Political Demography Database' Started

14/07/2021   Current Fellows

Research Fellow Dr Karolina Kluczewska and the Global Cooperation Microcosm of Tajikistan

13/07/2021   Publications

Migration Governance: New Koinova Monograph and a Workshop in November

09/07/2021   Research

A Moment in Time: Venia Legendi for Frank Gadinger

08/07/2021   Events

SASE Presidential Lecture: The Pandemic as a ‘Historical Conjuncture’

06/07/2021   Events

Digital Governance and Democracy

05/07/2021   Events

Global Cooperation and Migration

04/07/2021   Events

Governing after Covid?

03/07/2021   Events

Start to SASE’s Annual Conference

02/07/2021   Events

Re-Imagining the Past – A Conference Report

01/07/2021   Research

Freistein/Mert lead EWIS Workshop on 'The Role of Fantasy in Imagining Futures'

30/06/2021   Research

Many Faces and More Than One Pathway: Digital Data Governance

23/06/2021   Centre

Cooperadio Talks with Dr Aziza Akhmouch about City-to-city Cooperation

17/06/2021   Publications

Climate Risk and Adaptation: A Major Analysis on Behalf of the German Federal Government

16/06/2021   Fellows

Professor Bidisha Biswas Joins the Centre

14/06/2021   Events

KHK Virtual Organizer of SASE Annual Meeting

10/06/2021   Research

Best Paper Award for Freistein, Gadinger, Unrau

10/06/2021   Centre

Käte Hamburger Kolleg Launches Cooperadio – The Global Cooperation Podcast

31/05/2021   Centre

Professor Lauren Eastwood Joins the Centre for Global Cooperation Research

18/05/2021   Publications

Between Hands Tied and the Invisible Hand – New Research Papers

28/04/2021   Publications

Latest Quarterly Issue: Practice Theory and Security Studies

15/04/2021   Centre

Remembering Elena Pulcini

18/03/2021   Publications

Centre Workshop Bears Fruit—Volume on Internet Governance Published

10/03/2021   Fellows

Centre Fellow Carolina Aguerre Participates in UNCTAD Workshop

17/02/2021   Centre

Venia Legendi Awarded to Centre Research Group Leader Nina Schneider

15/02/2021   Research

Politics of Scale, Contributions by Maren Hofius and Patricia Rinck

29/01/2021   Research

Exploring Narrative Legitimation Politics

27/01/2021   Research

Visuality and Emotions in International Politics

05/01/2021   Further Events

Call for Papers - International Seminar in Historical Refugee Studies