A Second Phase of Funding for the Centre: Junior Professorship Will Boost Basic Research on Migration

Last November, more than 100 German and international experts gathered at the Centre for the Futures of Global Cooperation Conference, which focused on the four thematic areas comprising the future research agenda: Pathways and Mechanisms; Polycentric Governance; Legitimacy; and Perceptions of World Order in Global Cooperation. These overarching themes will be investigated and analysed across four policy areas: climate, migration, the digital sphere and peacebuilding.

The status of migration research at the University of Duisburg-Essen has been greatly enhanced by the establishment of theInterdisciplinary Centre for IntegrationandMigration Research (InZentIM). Migration is also a thematic focus of the Main Research Area 'Transformation of Contemporary Societies'. The Centre views migration as a global phenomenon which challenges the very concept and practice of global cooperation. Its research in this field looks at how specific forms of cooperation involving a variety of actors across diverse borders may become a prerequisite for the resolution of conflicts that are themselves directly linked to migration. Factors of relevance here are the failure of the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention, global inequalities as a cause and effect of migration, purchased and enforced citizenship, and the growing connection between migration and crime control ('crimmigration').

Among other things, the Centre investigates the role of institutions and traditions in the management of migration (Path Dependencies within the Paths and Mechanisms thematic area) and compares and contrasts the roles of various governmental and non-governmental actors from the global to the local level (thematic area: Polycentric Governance).

The deadline for applications for the Junior Professorship expires one month after publication of the advertisement (DIE ZEIT, 11 January 2018).

Junior Professorship for
Transnational Cooperation and Migration Research

(Bes.-Gr. W 1 LBesO W – with Tenure Track based on W 2)

Text of advertisement and information for applicants