Half-time: Centre's Midterm Conference to Feature Collaborative Research

From November 15 - 16th, 2021, the Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen will host the hybrid conference on 'New Avenues of Global Cooperation Research'.

At the mid-point of the second funding phase of our programme, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research, the conference has three main goals: To recapitulate our findings from the past three years, to reflect on our modes of collaborating, and to identify new avenues for interdisciplinary research on global cooperation. It takes place at a moment of great challenges for global cooperation, and as we adapt our modes of collaboration to the shifting developments of a global pandemic. We would also like to take this conference as an opportunity to meet, both in person and virtually, with our fellows, alumni, and (future) cooperation partners.

The conference will take the form of roundtables and panel discussions. Some panels will be dedicated to our thematic research foci, including polycentrism, (anti-)globalism, as well as the role of imagination, reflexivity and interdisciplinarity in global cooperation (research). Four panels reflect our empirical foci on the policy fields of migration, climate, peace building and internet governance.

Registration for online participation opens 25 October.