KHK / GCR21 Welcomes Senior Research Fellow Prof. Dr Anna Geis

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg is proud to announce that Prof. Dr Anna Geis has joined the Centre for Global Cooperation Research as a Senior Research Fellow, and will be contributing her broad expertise to the research group Legitimation and Delegitimation in Global Cooperation from 1 October, 2021 to 30 September 2022.

Prof. Dr Geis is a political scientist currently holding a professorship at the Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany. Her teaching responsibilities focus especially on International Security and Conflict Studies, topics on which she has published widely. Her further research interests include theories of war, military interventions, democratic peace, security governance, issues of global order, citizen participation in German foreign and security politics, recognition in international politics, legitimacy within and beyond the nation-state, and transitional justice.

During her studies and PhD phase, Dr Geis focused on political theory and government topics while working as Senior Researcher in the Cluster of Excellence: The Formation of Normative Orders (working group ‘International Organizations') at Goethe University Frankfurt. Following Habilitation in 2012, she held a professorship at the University of Magdeburg before pursuing visiting researcher positions at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and the Centre for International and Defense Policy at Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada).

Together with colleagues Frank Nullmeier and Christopher Daase, Dr Geis coined the notion of ‘Legitimitätspolitik’ (politics of legitimacy) in a special volume of the journal Leviathan (2012), a fact which demonstrates an enduring engagement with themes closely associated with the major mandates of the Centre. Indeed, legitimacy, recognition, and transitional justice became areas of major research in her postdoctoral career.

With a proposed research project entitled ‘20 Years of the US “War on Terror” in Afghanistan – A Critical Review of Interventionist Practices and their Justification’, Dr Geis seeks to focus deeply on US foreign policies and broaden her understanding on the role of the US as a hegemon in the global order. Throughout the project, collaborative work with the Centre’s talented researchers will help to inform and direct her engagement with the complex subject matter.

The Centre will greatly benefit from Dr Geis’s broad academic and research network, as well as her experience in guiding and mentoring early career researchers.