KHK Virtual Organizer of SASE Annual Meeting

The KHK/Centre for Global Cooperation, in cooperation with the Institute for Work, Skills and Training - IAQ and the Deutsches Institut für Interdisziplinäre Sozialpolitikforschung - DIFIS at the University Duisburg-Essen, is this year’s official virtual organizer of the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE). Matthias Schuler and Tobias Schäfer (KHK) together with Ute Klammer (IAQ and DIFIS) form the virtual organizing committee which provides advice on the virtual world in which the conference will take place.

SASE is an interdisciplinary scholarly association with more than 1000 members from around the world, including disciplines such as economics, sociology, political economy, political science, organization studies, management, psychology, law and history. Beyond its interdisciplinary and international orientation, it shares with the KHK/Centre for Global Cooperation Research an ambition to examineeconomic and social behavior and its policy implications at many levels – for societies and institutions, locally, nationally and globally, as well as its ethical and normative implications.

At the conference, KHK Managing Director Sigrid Quack will conclude her one-year Presidency of the Society with a keynote address on The Pandemic – A historical conjuncture and what we can learn from it for institutional theory. KHK fellows and researchers will present current work in panel discussions onImaging Pathways for Global Cooperation; Polycentricsm: How Governance works today; and Digital Governance from a Polycentric Perspective. 

Furthermore, the conference programme includes a slate of featured speakers including Stephanie Kelton, Jane Mansbridge, Alexander Kentikelenis, Hartmut Rosa, and Nancy Folbre. Featured panels will address structural racism and COVID-19, migration during and after the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement in historical and transnational context, the end of neo-liberalism, transformative innovation, essential work(ers) in a post-Covid-19 World, and Brexit. More than 15 Author meet Critics Panels will discuss recently appeared books. In addition, numerous panels organized by SASE’s research network and mini-conference organizers will address various aspects of the pandemic and broader socio-economic topics.

For those who are interested in participating without presenting a paper, SASE offers a new Auditor Registration at a reduced rate. Registration will be possible until the conference which takes place on 2–5 July 2021. The auditor registration also offers students a possibility to attend an academic conference. You may check audit registration fees here.