DIE becomes IDOS

In a remarkable move, the former German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) became the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) on 23 June 2022. Being one of the three founding institutes of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research in Duisburg (as a 'participating institution'), this government-funded development think tank, established in 1964 in Bonn, was and is a cherished reference point for research in global cooperation, in particular within the research fields of climate change and sustainability, peacebuilding and migration. Professor Dr Dirk Messner, one of the co-directors of the Centre and now President of the German Environmental Agency (UBA) embodied this relation as predecessor of the current - and now IDOS - director Professor Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge. Numerous collaborations are evidence of the sustained scientific exchange that links the Centre with IDOS and our upcoming Annual Conference will provide the next opportunity for this.

In a press release, among many other things, also the chosen acronym is explained.

IDOS, pronounced eîdos, derives from political philosophy, denoting “idea” as per Plato and “form” according to Aristotle.

“The acronym IDOS underlines the kind of research we do: empirically-based and theory-led, conducted as part of ongoing, transregional dialogues with policy-makers and practitioners, thus actively contributing to shaping everyday reality. Our research, advice and postgraduate education work is sound, addressing the global challenges with the required creativity and thoroughness, and helps to shape reality. This is the scientific excellence we practice,” adds Anna-Katharina Hornidge.

The international readability of “German Institute of Development and Sustainability – IDOS” is further befitting the increasingly global focus and networking activities of the Institute. The Institute will forego a German name and acronym in future.

For public relations officers of befriended institutions this comes as a relief after years of supervision of at times stressful intensity. The guardians of the now abolished label were always quick and unforgiving  in reminding colleagues across the globe that a simple 'German Development Institute' would not only be not enough but bluntly 'incorrect'. To make the acronym DIE intelligible, the full version German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) had to be applied always and everywhere, no matter how much space may have been available. The former URL of the Think Tank in Bonn reflected this rigour, while unintentionally raising another question: www.die-gdi.de. Now:  www.idos-research.de, what a relief!

IDOS provides a web portal of outstanding complexity and richness and a visit is highly recommended.

The press release announcing the name change also provides further insight in how the institution sees its own development with a clear claim of producing sustainable solutions also in its own research, consulting and training.  The 'Future of Globalisation' is, more than ever, the common interest.

Martin Wolf

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