ISA 2022: Contributions from the Centre

The Centre was well represented at this year's International Studies Association Annual Convention (ISA 2022). The conference, which took place in-person in Nashville, Tenessee (USA), as well as online, is a yearly forum which offers contributors from around the world the opportunity to discuss current topics pertaining to International Studies (IS).

Consisting of a broad array of roundtables, panels, lectures, and discussions, the conference addresses International Studies from many angles and brings together academics, practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers and independent researchers, all of whom offer their unique perspectives to diverse respondents and audiences. 

Associate Fellow Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre and Centre Director Sigrid Quack organized two panels on 'Beyond Competition and Cooperation: A Relational Approach to NGOs' where the framework chapter and contributions by other authors to their planned edited volume were presented and discussed.

Research group leader Patricia Rinck presented her paper 'Gendered Exclusion in Land and Resource Governance: A Feminist Political Settlement Perspective on Post-Conflict Reforms in Sierra Leone' to the panel 'Critical perspectives on governance of natural resources, from Global to Local'. The paper focused on the importance of land and resource governance in the context of statebuilding and post-conflict transformation processes. Using Sierra Leone as an example, she argued that statebuilding processes are based on a narrow understanding of transformation that leaves out important questions of gender justice and social justice in general.

Senior Reseach Fellow Nicole Doerr contributed as discussant to the panel 'Bridging Contexts, Reinforcing Exclusions? Actvism, Agency, and Acts of Translating Gendered Belongings'. Doerr presented on the topic 'Translation in Transnational black Feminist Activism: The Case of the Great Chocó'.

Siddharth Tripathi, also a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre, moderated a roundtable titled 'A Global Peace and Conflict Studies: Paving the way for an Emerging Research Agenda'. Siddharth also participated in the panels 'Politics of the European Union: A Wider Discipline For A Smaller World' and 'Democracy Promotion as a Changing Constellation of Practices'.

Finally, Associate Postdoc Fellow Amya Agarwal took part in the virtual roundtable 'Taking Love and Care Seriously in the Study of Violence, Peace, and Justice'.


About the Conference

From the ISA 2022 homepage:

'The International Studies Association is one of the oldest interdisciplinary associations dedicated to understanding international, transnational and global affairs. Founded in 1959, our members span the globe – comprising academics, practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers and independent researchers, among others. Our 63rd Convention will promote rigorous discussion, research, and writing on a broad range of topics within International Studies, broadly construed, and will offer various networking and mentoring opportunities that facilitate the development of new ideas, relationships and skillsets'.

Conference Program