Re-Imagining the Past

Interviews now on YouTube

In June of last year, Centre had the pleasure of hosting a diverse group of international scholars at the conference ‘Re-Imagining the Past’. A joint effort between the Centre for Global Cooperation Research, members of the Humanities and Social Science Faculties of University Duisburg-Essen, and the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) at the University of Ottawa, Canada, the conference sought to explore a certain ‘desire to return to seemingly better times’, which is often a reaction to perceived loss caused global forces out of one’s control.

As a follow-up to the conference, Victoria Derrien, Ann-Kristin Kuhnert, and Marie Kollek, three of the Centre’s research assistants, conducted focussed interviews with key participants Elizabeth Wood (Massachussetts Institute of Technology), Myra Marx Ferree (University of Wisconsin), Stefanie Kappler (Durham University), Audrey Reeves (Virginia Tech), and Mariana Assis (Federal University of Goiás). These interviews have now been published online and are accessible to the general public.