The Centre Bids Farewell to Outstanding Visiting Scientists

Fellows contributed to the Centre's research agenda

Research is a fast business. Scientists move between institutions, expand their networks and refine their research focus and publication strategies. Institutions - hopefully - keep in touch. The Centre bids farewell to a group of scientists who each in his or her way have contributed to an ambitious research agenda. We appreciate and support ongoing contact with the Centre's Alumni Fellows and there is a group of Associate Fellows, who continue collaboration in the context of specific research projects. What follows here is a short profile of six outgoing fellows with their upcoming affiliation, indications of activities during their fellowship, their time of stay and the topic of the contractually agreed research project. Fare well!

Monika Báar

Humboldt Alumna

Disabled Refugees and Disabling Displacement: International Norms and Local Realities

Stay: 6–8/2022

News: Centre Welcomes Humboldt Fellow Professor Monika Baár

From 9/2022: European University Institute, Florence, Department of History, Professor in the History of East-Central and Southeastern Europe

Layla Brown

Senior Research Fellow

Global cooperation and diverse conceptions of world order

Return to the Source: The Dialectics of 21st Century Pan-African Liberation


Stanislav Budnitsky

Postdoc Research Fellow

Legitimation and delegitimation in global cooperation

Russia's Digital Sovereignty: National Identity and Global Internet Governance


Opinion Blog: Pranks and Propaganda: The Origins of Russia’s ‘Fake News’ Laws

News: Splitting the Global Internet: Russia's Push Toward Internet Sovereignty. New Article from Stanislav Budnitsky

News: A Relational Approach to Digital Sovereignty: New Article from Stanislav Budnitsky

Next affiliation: James Billington Fellow at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC)

Nicole Doerr

Senior Research Fellow

Global cooperation and diverse conceptions of world order

Far-Right Visual Narratives and Translation on Digital Platforms Contesting Liberal Democratic Discourse and Government


Event Reports: Visual Methods in Global Cooperation Research / Visuality and the Populist Appeal

News: ISA 2022: Contributions from the Centre

Nicole Doerr at the University of Copenhagen

David Shim

Senior Research Fellow

Legitimation and delegitimation in global cooperation

Visual Narratives of Climate Change – Exploring Climate Storytelling of Fridays for Future


Quarterly Magazine: #UprootTheSystem - Exploring Fridays for Future’s Visual Climate Storytelling

News: 'Imaging Cannot Be Separated From Imagining'. A Note on David Shim's Research

David Shim at the University of Groningen

Emeka Umejei

Postdoc Research Fellow

Global cooperation and diverse conceptions of world order

US-China Decoupling: Clash of two 'Internets' in Africa


News: Internet War in Africa: The Decoupling of US-China Technology. New Article from Centre Fellow Emeka Umejei

News:  Chinese Media in Africa: Fieldwork by Centre Fellow Emeka Umejei

Emeka Umejei will be based at the University of Tubingen as a TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visit Fellow, hosted by Professor Russel West-Pavlov, Chair of Anglophone Literatures.